How do I get rid of abdominal cracks?

How do I get rid of abdominal cracks?

Abdominal cracks fall within the skin cracks known medically as stretch marks, and this condition is the appearance of thin lines in the body formed by the tissue under the skin and torn by rapid growth or excessive stretching. In fact, stretch marks do not cause any serious health complications; But a person may be concerned about the appearance of his skin, as skin cracks may appear in different colors, including red, black, white, and dark blue.

How to get rid of stomach cracks

Stretch marks are difficult to treat; The available treatments contribute to alleviating their appearance, but they do not completely hide them. It should be noted that the response to the various treatment options may differ from one person to another; Therefore, it should be noted the importance of consulting a dermatologist before starting treatment to determine the best available options, as the doctor depends on determining the most appropriate option for each case on many factors, including the person’s health history, the medications he takes, the duration of the appearance of this condition, and the type of skin, in addition to To the appropriateness of the treatment option for the person, as well as the cost and expectations of the patient. The following is a statement of the most prominent treatment methods that can be resorted to in this case:

  • Surgical methods: Surgical methods include subjecting the person to the process of dermabrasion, chemical peeling, or laser; These methods help improve the appearance of the skin by removing unwanted stretch marks. In fact, the success of these techniques in achieving the desired results depends on many factors; This includes the person's age, skin color, and diet.
  • Over-the-counter preparations: There are many moisturizers and creams available in pharmacies that can contribute to controlling stretch marks, and the most famous of these preparations: Retinoid cream, which consists of retinoids derived from vitamin A, which contributes to improving the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks that are less than a few months old. Since this condition is common during pregnancy, it is worth noting the need to consult a doctor if the pregnant woman wants to use these preparations as a preventive measure to control the appearance of cracks, and the pregnant woman should start using them before the size of the abdomen begins to increase, and when talking about the effectiveness of these preparations and the extent Its effect on cracks It should be said that its effectiveness may differ from one woman to another due to the influence of genetic factors in the formation of stretch marks.
  • Follow an appropriate diet: the nature of food may affect the cracks in the skin and the extent of their appearance and development; Consuming large amounts of water contributes to maintaining the smoothness of the skin and reduces the possibility of developing the problem of cracks in the person. Consuming drinks that contain caffeine negatively affect the skin and increase the possibility of the appearance of cracks, and the lack of nutrition may cause the emergence of this problem; Therefore, it is recommended to eat more foods that promote skin health, such as:
  • zinc-rich foods; Like nuts and fish.
  • foods rich in vitamins; Especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D, and the most prominent of these foods are carrots, citrus fruits, fruits, and milk.
  • Protein-rich foods.

Causes of the appearance of cracks in the abdomen

Skin cracks generally appear as a result of its stretching, and this condition is affected by many factors; Including genetic factors, the extent of pressure on the skin, addition to the level of the hormone cortisone in the blood; Where its high level leads to weakening the elastic fibers in the skin, in addition to the above, there are other factors that may contribute to increasing the likelihood of the appearance of stretch marks, including the following:

  • sex; Women are more likely to suffer from cracks in the abdomen than men.
  • Having a personal or family history of this condition.
  • Pregnancy, especially young women.
  • obesity;
  • The tendency to gain or lose weight quickly.
  • use of certain types of medication; corticosteroids.
  • Having certain types of genetic disorders, such as Marfan syndrome, where this condition is a defect in the connective tissue, or Cushing's syndrome, which is also called the hyperactive adrenal cortex.

Prevention of abdominal cracks

Preventing abdominal cracks Maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and since a woman is prone to gaining more weight during pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a doctor to choose the best way to avoid gaining a lot of weight; Including diet and exercise, as this contributes to maintaining the health of the mother and fetus, as well as reducing the appearance of stretch marks as much as possible.

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